A gigantic ball of awesomeness

When you have 6 minutes, 16 seconds, you gotta check out this video link above.  Somebody shared it with me this morning and I about bawled like a blubbering idiot.  If you only have 74 seconds, then maybe you should just keep reading below.

Being fresh meat living so far from home in a country that still screams foreign to me – this video hit a nerve.  We serve a great God, no matter what language you’re singing in.

I’m also reminded of a funny phenomenon in my life recently.  When I email or call state-side acquaintances, colleagues, or quite frankly, strangers – I have this pesky urge to tell them I love them as I’m wrapping up our conversation.  And the people I’m talking to aren’t lifelong friends, or family, or people that saved my life in a random act of kindness years ago.  These are regular joes that I really don’t know that well.

But somehow, from some well inside me, I feel like my connection to people lately is deeper.  At least that’s what I’m shooting for.  The psychologist in me also screams out that I’m probably a bit lonely, and longing for the ease of home and the connections I have there, so I’m trying to recreate that in a too-quick way.  It could be that, too.

I had the honor of working with a man several years ago who had cancer.  He exhausted all his treatment options and knew he was dying.  Yet he still worked.  And when we spoke on the phone or emailed, he ended every conversation with an “I love you.”

It didn’t feel weird, like it would have if you thought you had decades to live.  It felt right, cuz this gentleman knew what was important.  Important wasn’t his work, important wasn’t his books, important was living in the moment, making sure his loved ones knew they were loved, and opening his arms to others to share that love in the time he had remaining.

I’m not planning to die any time soon, but I pray I can open my arms a bit bigger to a few more people.  So if we’re on the phone or emailing or whatever – and I tell you I love you, don’t get all wigged out.  Just know we serve a great God, and I’m learning that His love is a gigantic ball of awesomeness that I want to share.

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  1. Laura March 20, 2012 at 9:08 am #

    Hey there! Happy to pop over to see your family and ministry! Hang in there– the first year is just plain awful. Truly.

    I have no doubt ya’ll are handling it beautifully, nonetheless.

    Keep hanging on,

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